To say that summer 2019 was the best summer of my life would be an understatement. Ignite had it all. I wanted to become independent, grow spiritually, explore the country, catch up with family and meet new people. Thanks to the resources Ignite offered, I was able to do all of that and so much more. I would without a doubt recommend this program and if I could participate again I would in a heartbeat.


Brooklyn College

This summer with ignite, I made so many friends. I worked in the best learning environment. I learned so many life skills that will help me grow as a person. Being in Israel I was my happiest self. My internship in Israel and Ignite changed me as a person and I am continuing to grow.


University of Central Florida

Spending the summer in Israel with Ignite was the best decision I’ve ever made. Within no time, my living mates became family. The independence I was given at my internship, taught me vital life skills that I will carry on with me to my future career. Living and working in Israel has really changed my life. Thank you Jinternship for providing experiences and friendships that last a lifetime!


Concordia University